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Custom Tools

Custom Scuba Tools

Scuba equipment manufacturers and service technicians alike depend on Scuba Tools for their custom scuba tools and testing equipment needs. The reason is simple. We produce the highest quality custom regulator tools available anywhere, saving the professional service technician time and allowing him to concentrate on getting the job done.

From raw material to finished product, over 80% of the custom scuba tools we make are designed, manufactured and assembled in house. This means that unlike other custom scuba tool providers, we (and you) have complete control over the process and final product. This enables us to provide consistently high quality scuba tools at reasonable prices. In addition, this makes Scuba Tools customer service more accessible and responsive than other custom tool providers.

Divers trust service technicians with the most important piece of equipment they own - their regulator. Additionally, the service technician must have custom scuba tools they can trust - tools that help get the job done right each time, every time. At Scuba Tools, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest custom regulator tools on the market today. Contact us with any questions you may have about your custom scuba tool needs and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Need immediate help? Call the Scuba Tools office during regular office hours to speak with a Scuba Tools expert at (336) 643-2599.

25mm Yoke Nut Socket 20-152-500
Price (USD): $29.50
7/8" Yoke Nut Socket
Price (USD): $29.50
Dual Drive Adjusting Tool Adapter
Price (USD): $58.00
Cylinder Plug
Price (USD): $18.75
Cylinder Quick Whip Kit
Price (USD): $59.75
DIN Retainer Tool
Price (USD): $40.50