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Repair Bench

Regulator Repair Bench - Brand Servicing Tools

Your annual scuba regulator servicing is much more than a “tune-up”. Servicing Hollis or Oceanic dive gear means replacing o’rings, checking internal parts for wear and tear, replacing the filter, inspecting hoses, and so much more. You need a well-equipped repair bench – one with brand specific scuba tools. Done right, an annual servicing can resemble a regulator overhaul.

Brand specific servicing tools not only ensure that the job is done right, they make a scuba repair bench complete, helping a regulator repair technician to work efficiently. So when you’re looking for Oceanic tools to repair Oceanic dive gear or Hollis tools for Hollis dive gear, remember that Scuba Tools is your source for all major brands of scuba regulator tools and testing equipment.

We carry scuba servicing tools for Aeris, Atomic, Genesis, Apeks, OTS, Scubapro, & many more. Anything and everything you need for our regulator repair bench is right here, at your fingertips.

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