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Dual Drive Inline Adjusting Tool (GAUGE SOLD SEPARATE)

(Optional Gauge Sold Separately) The Scuba Tools Dual Drive Inline Adjusting Tool is "light years" ahead of other inline adjusting tools on the market. It is loaded with exclusive features and will fit nearly every second stage that utilizes an adjustable orifice, both new and old. Check out and compare these features: The Dual Drive Adjusting Tool is designed to fit "both slotted and hex broached orifices".The slotted drive bit is machined to index with all slotted orifices. This includes Oceanic® and older orifices that utilize a narrow drive slot (.034"). The hex drive bit will fit all 3/16"-5mm (.188-.197) broached orifices. The bit is machined with a slight taper to accommodate this size range. To change the tool from slotted to hex drive, simply reverse the fitting on the end of the tool. Since this fitting seals internally, it is installed "hand tight" and no tools are required to make the conversion (see illustration). Pneumatically Balanced: The Dual Drive Adjusting Tool utilizes a "flow through" spool. The flow through design balances the air pressure between the hose and the second stage. By equalizing the forces acting on the spool, it can be easily moved in either direction and will remain stationary in any position. This feature means that when the spool is moved inward, to index the drive bit with the orifice, it will "stay put" without any hand pressure. Eliminating the need to push inward adds a tremendous level of sensitivity and touch when orifice adjustments are made. • Deep Reach Feature: The knurled knob can be moved off center to allow the slotted drive end of the tool to reach deeper orifices. This knob position is seldom required and is used only for second stages such as AquaLung Arctic, Genesis Sidekick, and Oceanic Inline Slimline. Optional IP Gauge: A special IP gauge assembly is available for the Dual Drive Adjusting Tool. This assembly replaces the standard reversing fitting that is shipped with the tool. When the tool is converted from slotted drive to hex drive, the gauge moves with the fitting so that it is always positioned on the end of the tool away from the second stage. A friction o'ring is furnished on the fitting to allow the gauge to be oriented after the tool has been installed on the second stage. Replaceable Threaded Ends: The chrome plated brass ends on the Dual Drive Adjusting Tool can be inexpensively replaced if the internal threads become worn after years of use.
Dual Drive Inline Adjusting Tool (GAUGE SOLD SEPARATE)
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