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Pro Flow Meter

Got a Magnehelic and IP gauge? If you do, you can now add A.I.R. (Atmospheric Inhalation Resistance) flow testing to your final regulator checks. The Pro Flow Meter is a modular free standing flow system that can be easily linked to an existing Magnehelic gauge with the sensing line kit (not shown) included with this unit. The Pro Flow is powered by an all new unitized venturi vacuum pump that is capable of generating 22-25 SCFM when connected to a low pressure (100-150 psi) air source. The flow rate (vacuum) is controlled by a needle valve that feeds the top mounted venturi through a nylon feed line (see side view). Incoming air pressure is protected by a pressure relief valve mounted out of the way behind the flow meter. The assembled unit stands 28" high and is mounted to a 7 3/4" square base. The flow meter assembly is positioned 9 1/2" above the base allowing ample room to install a second stage into the band seal at the bottom of the flow meter. The pedestal, base, flow meter, and valve components can be disassembled in minutes for transport or storage. The flow meter used in the Pro Flow system is a Dwyer Visi-Float flow meter, calibrated to measure 2-25 SCFM. This flow meter is machined from a solid block of acrylic and is rated as a laboratory grade instrument. The Pro Flow Meter utilizes the exclusive Scuba Tools anti-chatter lower orifice that harmonically stabilizes the aspirated air flow from the second stage. This feature prevents out of phase pulsations generated by the second stage diaphragm from causing chatter during testing procedures. The test data produced by this instrument is directly comparable to the Scuba Tools A.I.R. Flow Analyzer. All testing procedures are identical when the Pro Flow Meter is configured in the prescribed manner. The Pro Flow Meter does require a "separate" low pressure air source to power the venturi. The supply pressure should be between 100-150 psi. A first stage can be used as a step down regulator on a high pressure tank for producing this air supply (see LP Hose Kit 26-160-100).
SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute)

Price (USD): $604.75
LPM air (liter per minute) (special order, allow 3 weeks to ship)
Price (USD): $620.75

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