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First Stage Flow Meter Assembly

First Stage Flow Meter Assy

This instrument will measure the flow performance of the first stage as a separate unit. The unit illustrated is designed as an add-on assembly to the Scuba Tools A.I.R. Flow Analyzer and the Scuba Tools Pro Flow Meter. A 10-100 SCFM flow meter is mounted to the existing flow meter on the panel with two custom split clamps. This positions the two flow meters parallel to one another and allows the floating bracket on the A.I.R Flow Analyzer to adjust the height of both flow meters to the sight line of the operator. The bottom (inlet) of the flow meter is fitted with a special reducing adapter. A standard 9/16"-18 hose fitting is threaded into the bottom of the reducer. This fitting will accept all standard * LP swivel hose ends and allows the first stage to be connected directly to the inlet end of the flow meter via the LP Hose. A muffler has been installed to the top (outlet) of the flow meter to reduce the noise of the discharged air. This assembly will mount on the A.I.R. Flow Analyzer in a matter of minutes and provides a variety of first stage testing options: > First Stage Flow vs. Supply Pressure: When the first stage flow meter is used in conjunction with the HP Manager, the flow performance of the first stage can be evaluated at any supply pressure. By progressively reducing the supply pressure with the H.P. Manager, a flow performance profile can be established. This profile will indicate the ability of the first stage to deliver air flow volume over the entire tank pressure spectrum. > Dynamic IP: Dynamic intermediate pressure refers to the IP during flow. In many performance aspects, dynamic IP is a better measure of first stage performance than the static IP level normally associated with regulator testing. To check dynamic IP, connect a second hose from the first stage being tested to the IP gauge on the A.I.R. Flow Analyzer panel. The IP can now be monitored at any flow or supply pressure level. > Extra Long Hose Restriction: The First Stage Flow Meter can be used to check the flow restriction characteristics of extra long low pressure hoses used in cave and wreck diving. This test is usually done by first checking a standard length hose and then comparing those results with the data produced by flowing the extra long hose. > Quick Disconnect Coupler Flow: The flow through diving industry quick disconnect couplers and Schrader valve connectors can be easily evaluated with the First Stage Flow Meter. The "Spin-On" adapters will thread onto the inlet fitting on the bottom of the flow meter. By mating the appropriate quick disconnect coupler to the "Spin-On", the flow through the connection can be evaluated. > Preferred Port Flow: The flow characteristics of "preferred ports", featured on some first stages, can be compared with the flow through standard ports to evaluate the difference between the output levels.  Flow Meter is available in two options (see below) SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) or LPM air (Liters Per Minute).

Price (USD): $295.25
LPM Air (special order, allow 3 weeks to ship)
Price (USD): $317.25

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