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Atomic Packing Tool

The Scuba Tools Atomic Aquatics Packing Tool is designed to professionally install MCG 111 ChristoLube into the ambient chamber of Atomic Aquatics first stages. The first stage should be clean and free of water before packing. The Packing Tool replaces the cap and swivel assembly during packing operations. Note: It is easier to install the trim ring onto the first stage body (after packing) if the yoke (DIN), yoke nut, and saddle are not installed. All other components should be installed in accordance with Atomic Aquatics assembly procedures. Packing Procedures: • Remove the trim ring from the regulator body. • Thread the tool assembly all the way onto the first stage body. • Thread the ChristoLube tube into the top of the tool body. • Work the lubricant into the tool and the first stage ambient chamber until the lubricant is starting to exit all four ambient chamber ports. • Slide the trim ring over the tool and into the trim ring groove in the first stage body. • Install and tighten the first stage cap and swivel assembly.  NOTE:  MCG 111 ChristoLube Tube sold separately.
Atomic Packing Tool

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