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Aqua Lung Poppet Driver

The Aqua Lung Poppet Driver is designed to assist the technician in the assembly of valve components in 30 older Aqua Lung® second stages. The tool incorporates a sliding nut that can be threaded into the valve body from outside the second stage housing. The nut holds the poppet and spring in place while the washers and nut are installed internally. This feature eliminates the need to compress and hold the poppet spring tension during this operation. The poppet stem is machined with four drive slots that index with the poppet tabs. The stem and poppet can be freely rotated by turning the external knob. This tool feature allows the nut to be held stationary while the poppet is turned to start the nut and thread it onto the poppet shaft The Aqua Lung Poppet Driver shaft and sliding nut are machined from solid brass and plated with nickel chrome. The knob is molded from black polypropylene and mounted with a zinc plated steel shaft. The Aqua Lung Poppet Driver is shipped with complete instructions for tool use.
Aqua Lung Poppet Driver
Price (USD): $31.75

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