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Scubapro/Tusa Spider 2

Scubapro®/Tusa® Spider 2 Tool The Scuba Tools Spider 2 tool is designed to do four special jobs required in the disassembly, assembly, and adjustment of the Tusa® Duo-Air and the Scubapro® Air 2. Figure #1: The tool gets its name from the special machined socket that fits the external webs of the plastic spider. The spider is threaded into the main housing in a recessed cavity on the underside of the main housing. The socket indexes over the small external portion of the webs and allows the spider to be removed/installed without removing the exhaust valve or damaging the spider itself. Figure #2: The top of the Spider #2 is machined into a pre-assembly post that holds the poppet and spring in the depressed position while the bushing, lever, washer, and nut are installed. It is nearly impossible to hold the poppet and spring in this position without this tool because of its recessed location. Figure #3: The long straight end of the allen wrench cross handle is used to adjust the position of the downstream orifice after the unit is completely assembled in the housing. The "L" shaped end of the allen wrench can be used to dislodge the cover pin so that the cover can be unthreaded from the main housing. The allen wrench is retained in the body by a stainless steel set screw. The Spider 2 tool is machined from solid brass and the zinc plated allen wrench is retained in the body by a stainless steel set screw. Body is a natural brass finish.
Scubapro/Tusa Spider 2

Price (USD): $38.50

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1. on 12/1/2018, said:
5 stars out of 5
What a clever invention! Yes, you can use other tools to do what the Spider tool does...but why when you can use this and be efficient and keep your bench cleaner. I appreciate the precision with which Scuba Tools manufactures all its products right here in the USA.
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