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Genesis/Sherwood/Apeks Inflator T-Tool

This Inflator T-Tool fits Genesis, Sherwood and Apeks power inflators. The valve assembly can be removed by indexing the two drive tabs into the slots machined into the valve body (see left illustration). These slots are recessed under the inflator button. After the valve assembly has been removed, the T-Tool can be used to hold the button while the center brass spool is removed. The opposite end of the tool is internally machined with a slight taper. The taper serves to hold the button while the center spool is unthreaded (see left illustration). The body of the tool is steel and delirin with a stainless steel cross tee. The 1/4" nut driver (11-168-500) pictured in the illustration is not included in the price of the tool.
Genesis/Sherwood/Apeks Inflator T-Tool
Price (USD): $33.00

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